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Kelvin to Celsius Conversion


How to convert Kelvin to Celsius

0 Kelvin is equal to -273.15 degrees Celsius:

0 K = -273.15 °C

The temperature T in degrees Celsius (°C) is equal to the temperature T in Kelvin (K) minus 273.15:

T(°C) = T(K) - 273.15

Kelvin to Celsius conversion table

Kelvin (K)Celsius (°C)Description
0 K-273.15 °Cabsolute zero temperature
10 K-263.15 °C 
20 K-253.15 °C 
30 K-243.15 °C 
40 K-233.15 °C 
50 K-223.15 °C 
60 K-213.15 °C 
70 K-203.15 °C 
80 K-193.15 °C 
90 K-183.15 °C 
100 K-173.15 °C 
110 K-163.15 °C 
120 K-153.15 °C 
130 K-143.15 °C 
140 K-133.15 °C 
150 K-123.15 °C 
160 K-113.15 °C 
170 K-103.15 °C 
180 K-93.15 °C 
190 K-83.15 °C 
200 K-73.15 °C 
210 K-63.15 °C 
220 K-53.15 °C 
230 K-43.15 °C 
240 K-33.15 °C 
250 K-23.15 °C 
260 K-13.15 °C 
270 K-3.15 °C 
273.15 K0 °Cfreezing/melting point of water
294.15 K21 °Croom temperature
300 K26.85 °C 
310.15 K37 °Caverage body temperature
373.15 K100 °Cboiling point of water
400 K126.85 °C 
500 K226.85 °C 
600 K326.85 °C 
700 K426.85 °C 
800 K526.85 °C 
900 K626.85 °C 
1000 K726.85 °C 


Celsius to Kelvin


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