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BTU/hr to kilowatts (kW) conversion

Kilowatts result:kW

How to convert BTU/hr to kW

1 BTU/hr = 0.00029307107 kW

So the power conversion of BTUIT/hr to kW is given by the formula:

P(kW) = P(BTU/hr) / 3412.142


BTU/hr to kilowatts conversion table

Power (BTU/hr)Power (kW)
1 BTU/hr0.000293071 kW
10 BTU/hr0.002930710 kW
100 BTU/hr0.029307104 kW
1000 BTU/hr0.293071039 kW
10000 BTU/hr2.930710387 kW


Kilowatts (kW) to BTU/hr Conversion


Understanding energy units is crucial, especially when dealing with heating and cooling systems. One common conversion that often arises is the conversion from British Thermal Units per hour (BTU/hr) to kilowatts (kW). In this guide, we'll break down the process into simple steps using everyday language.

Understanding this conversion is particularly useful for homeowners, HVAC professionals, or anyone dealing with heating and cooling systems. When you know the power output in kilowatts, it becomes easier to communicate and compare energy efficiency across different systems.

This conversion isn't just for industry professionals. Everyday homeowners can benefit from understanding BTU/hr to kilowatts, especially when considering the energy efficiency of appliances like heaters and air conditioners. It empowers consumers to make informed decisions about energy consumption and costs.

Converting BTU/hr to kilowatts doesn't have to be complicated. Armed with the simple formula provided in this guide, anyone can confidently make this conversion. Whether you're a homeowner, an HVAC technician, or someone interested in energy efficiency, this knowledge is a valuable tool. So, the next time you come across BTU/hr specifications, you'll know exactly how to translate them into the widely used unit of kilowatts, making energy conversations more accessible to everyone.