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Gigahertz to hertz conversion

Result in hertz:Hz

How to convert gigahertz to hertz

1GHz = 109Hz


1Hz = 10-9GHz

Gigahertz to hertz formula

The frequency f in hertz (Hz) is equal to the frequency f in gigahertz (GHz) times 109:

f(Hz) = f(GHz) × 109

Gigahertz to hertz conversion table

Gigahertz (GHz)Hertz (Hz)
0 GHz0 Hz
0.000001 GHz103 Hz
0.00001 GHz104 Hz
0.0001 GHz105 Hz
0.001 GHz106 Hz
0.01 GHz107 Hz
0.1 GHz108 Hz
1 GHz109 Hz


Hz to GHz conversion calculator