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Hex to RGB Color Converter

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Hex code to RGB color table

Color nameColor(R,G,B)Hex
Lime (0,255,0)#00FF00
Black (0,0,0)#000000
Red (255,0,0)#FF0000
White (255,255,255)#FFFFFF
Blue (0,0,255)#0000FF
Cyan (0,255,255)#00FFFF
Yellow (255,255,0)#FFFF00
Silver (192,192,192)#C0C0C0
Magenta (255,0,255)#FF00FF
Gray (128,128,128)#808080
Olive (128,128,0)#808000
Maroon (128,0,0)#800000
Purple (128,0,128)#800080
Green (0,128,0)#008000
Navy (0,0,128)#000080
Teal (0,128,128)#008080


RGB to hex conversion


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